Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Tutorial

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Hello and welcome to the Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection walkthrough. Building on the 2022 game, the Ultimate Animal Collection adds more animals, more locations and more challenges. Expect the completion to take up to 100 hours.

This guide is written as a solo-player walkthrough. While the game features up to 4-player co-op, that was not used or tested in making the guide.

You will first tackle the Challenge Mode of the game, using this time to make a start towards several of the cumulative achievements while you work towards the ultimate goal of completing all 20 Challenge Zoos. After spending quite some time on the first and largest challenge zoo, you will be using a trick with a boosting account to race through the rest.

Sandbox mode will be used for mopping up several miscellaneous achievements along with the animal breeding and releasing.

Finally, you just have the Campaign Mode where you will take on some existing zoo’s and complete several tasks against the clock. The campaign has been expanded from the previous release, this time including 21 Original Campaign zoos and 5 each from South America and Australia. These should be fairly easy following the step-by-step guides included.

So, let’s get started. Oh, and a warning for the easily offended… there will be poop!

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