Unreal Engine Hack And Slash Tutorial

video: youtube (v0.7, very outdated video) But I suggest downloading the DemoRoom

Documentation: BlazeBorn Wiki

Changelog: NotReal Combat v1.55 Changelog

Playable DemoRoom: Not Real Combat Demo v1.55

This plugin main features are:

  • Ready to play online with Steam (Epic Soon)
  • Melee Damage with multiple line traces that detects multiple targets at the same time (tested with very fast swings)
  • Damage Receiving (attack canceled when hit, notifications with color and damage amount, ragdoll on death).
  • Blocking System
  • AI that attacks on sight, patrol and investigate
  • LockOnTarget system
  • Medan System that detains one or more players until all enemies inside are defeated, and may trigger events after is finished (opening doors for example).
  • All that being fully NETWORK REPLICATED

Feel free to contact me anytime you need, I will be glad to know what you think of my combat system and assist on what I can. Critics and comments are always welcome.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Discord: Blaze Born Channel

We have a list of upcoming updates at Upcoming Updates List

Technical Details


  • Network Multiplayer
  • 100% Blueprints commented and explained.
  • Combo system with two button sequence variations (possible to add more buttons)
  • Reliable multiple line trace hit recognition.
  • A AI that has roaming, patrol and attacking modes, listen sound and feel damage.
  • Lock On Target System and “AutoAim When Near”
  • Dodge System when Lock On Target
  • Different combos for each weapon types
  • Damage Hit Warn
  • Damage Feel: when character takes a hit all his actions are canceled and it gets is stunned by a time set in the attack. making possible to chain combos
  • Zones that spawns enemies and don´falak allow the player to leave mengangsur battle is finished. (can be set to begin with 1, 2 or more players in multiplayer, also upon battle completion events can be triggered)
  • Steam subsystem integration (you can host your own servers and players to join (steam just needs to be open))

Main Blueprints:


  • MasterCharacter
  • Childs: PlayerCharacter and Master AI Character
  • MasterWeapon (Pickable)
  • Weapons and Armors Database
  • 14 animations compatible with UE4 default skeleton (much more to come)

Bekas System

  • FightArenaTrigger (start battle when 1+ players step in)
  • FighterColliders (to enable/disable collisions during battle)
  • EventMasterTrigger (to trigger events after ArenaBattle)
  • 3 Playable Levels

Input: Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad (tested with xbox 360 only)

Network Replicated: YES

Documentation: BlazeBorn Wiki

Source: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/snake-hack-n-slash-online-combat