Tutorial Membuat Cover Dvd Dengan Corel Draw

How to Print DVD Covers

Whether you want to preserve your home movies in hard copy or you’re producing some amazing training DVDs for your office, printing out covers can make the end result look polished and professional. These are easy to prepare and print out at home.

Get the Right Printer Products

Many paper companies offer pre-cut DVD labels and DVD case inserts, which means that you don’t have to spend time measuring and cutting. You just have to use a template to design the cover inserts, punch them out and apply them to your cases. If you want to make matching labels for the disks, you can also find these. Whether or not you have a lotre of tech or design skills, you can use pre-made paper products to easily print DVD covers.

If you use a pre-made case insert or label product, it will likely include a template. You can simply fill in the data in your word processing program, and it should apply automatically. If you can’t find instructions on setting the print parameters in the box, go to the product’s website and look for templates there. Several paper product companies and software companies also offer their own free design software to make the design process more seamless.

Design Your Inserts

Once you have your case inserts and the accompanying templates, you can move on to the fun part. Using the template provided, add text, images and colors to your covers. You can start with a base background color or use an image as a background. After the base is in place, you can layer pictures and titles.

Make Adjustments

When you’re happy with your design, print out a test page to make sure the design looks exactly the way you want it to on paper. If you’re not happy with something, tweak your template.

Print Out the Covers and Labels

If your design looks great on paper, it’s time to start printing. Add the case inserts into your printer’s paper tray. Be sure to follow the product’s instruction sheet so that the sheets print on the right side. Print out the covers and add them to your DVD cases. If you’re making labels, print these out as well.

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