The Weavers Of Eternity Paracord Tutorials

Hey Weavers! It’s great to see that you’ve landed on my Patreon page. I’m asking for your support because I absolutely love making paracord projects and tutorials on how to create them! As you’ve seen by my YouTube channel, I aim to produce high quality and easy to follow cak bimbingan videos to assist you in learning the coolest and most interesting paracord weaves and projects out there. I strive to only put my best work out there as I never upload a video until I am 100% happy with it. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran in the world of paracord weaving and bracelet making, I hope to provide you with new knowledge or tips and tricks that you weren’kaki langit aware of. With your support, I can spend more time making tutorial videos with even better quality!

Making the paracord tutorial videos in the way that I do them takes time, effort, and energy. I’m most definitely not complaining as I LOVE the entire process! However, it does incur costs to a degree for materials as I have all necessary materials shipped directly to me. Paracord itself is relatively inexpensive, but to keep things interesting I still often by new products and colors to incorporate into videos. So your donations would go towards new materials for tutorials each month.

As for equipment, I’ve siring a decent setup, but if I were to be able to fund better lighting, an even better camera, and perhaps even a dedicated microphone, I’d be able to have even better technical quality in the tutorial videos.

Finally, just to be clear, all donations would go into the YouTube channel and Patreon rewards.
My videos will always be 100% free to view on Youtube. Do not feel obligated to donate, this is only for people who want to give and want to receive the rewards.

Any leftover funds would help derita pay for things such as living expenses and what not. I’m not by any means trying to get “rich” from donations, as I live very modestly. However, if one day I could make tutorial videos for a living, I would be ever so grateful. I firmly believe that doing what you love is the key to the true riches in life.

To sum up the benefits for you of supporting Weavers of Eternity:
– Increased les production. (More videos, more frequently!)
– Better production. (Better lighting, audio, camera)
– Potentially launch a WOE line of products and supplies in the future.
– Rewards! (Discord and perks!)

Thank you for even taking the time to read and consider supporting me on this journey!!!

-Tim 🙂