The Tutorial Is Too Hard Manhwa

Lee Ho-Jae (이호재) is the protagonist of The Tutorial is Too Hard (튜토리얼이 너무 어렵다).



Lee Ho Jae is depicted with black hair and blue eyes in the manhwa (brown eyes in the novel). He is said to be handsome by both human females and monster females. When Ho Jae was first summoned to the Tutorial, he wore matching gray sweats and was not in the best of shape. As the novel progress, Ho Jae grows taller and has a leaner fit. Lee Ho Jae is seen wearing a long black coat with orange stripes gifted by Kirikiri (manhwa). In the novel, Ho Jae’s go to outfit is top to bottom all black. His outfit consists of black gloves, boots and a belt to hold all of his weapons and equipment.



Ho Jae was described as someone who’s prideful and full of honor. He’s also seen as petty at times, holding grudges oper the smallest things and memorizing the person’s name to “get them back”. He has a poor memory of remembering people’s faces especially if they don’t have any outstanding facial features. Lee Ho Jae has a strong determination to complete the tutorial alive.

He prefers working alone and has trouble working in a group. He’s meticulous, rational and when trying to approach things in the best way as possible. However in the manhwa, Lee Ho Jae’s hot-blooded personality is of a cliche main character.

In the novel, Ho Jae is seen suffering from a few mental disorders. He has OCD with an obsession to always win. His obsession with winning was also his motivation to become a professional gamer. Ho Jae also have been confirmed to have Bipolar Disorder by the original writer. Throughout the novel as readers we see his mental health deteriorating. Lee Ho Jae has a strong motivation to survive and complete the cak bimbingan even committing self-harm in order to grow stronger. (not portrayed in manhwa). Everyone around him sees him as insane.



He was an old Cak membela Gamer that retired because of the toughness of adversity. He takat a bad relationship with his family before entering the Tutorial. His father disapproved of his chosen career in professional gaming, which led to a fight with his father the day before a major surgery, of which he senggat he batas no idea of. When his father died mid-operation, his sister blamed him and their fight as the cause of their father’s death. Since then, they have had a strained relationship.

One day when he was lamenting his fate while drinking alcohol he selokan dragged in to the tutorial and his pride of Pro Gamer led him to choose Hell Difficulty.

Clear Times


Floor Starting Date Clear Date
1 R1 D0 R1 D29
2 R2 D0 R2 D23
3 R2 D23 R2 D25
4 R2 D29 R3 D21
5 R3 D24 R3 D28
6-10 R3 D28 ?
11 ? R14 D6
12 R14 D6 R15 D18


  1. Chapter 4

  2. Chapter 52

  3. Chapter 4

  4. Chapter 1

  5. Chapter 261