Staad Pro Tutorials For Rc Design

Hi Renzt2, The RC Designer takes physical member concepts into consideration when designing slabs and beams. It is likely to produce different designs than the batch mode of design for a few reasons. First, with regard to slab design, the batch mode doesn’t select rebar, it just specifies required areas of reinforcing steel. The RC Designer actually selects bar patterns for slabs. With regard to beam design, the RC Designer is likey to produce different designs than the batch mode, because of the physical member concepts. With regard to column design, the RC Designer provides a different approach to the design parameters used to define the effects Moment Magnifier Method as compared to the batch mode. We cover the RC Designer in our online course named STAAD.Pro V8i – Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design. There is also some program documentation for the RC Designer in the online help, and I believe that there may be an ongoing attempt to provide even more updated information in that program documentation file. Cheers, Chris