Microsoft Office 2013 Tutorial Pdf Free Download

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used tools for word processing, bookkeeping and more tasks. With Word, Excel and PowerPoint as the industry duaja, it’s likely you’ll need to use its software at one point or another. Here are the best ways to download Microsoft Office.

Downloading Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 comes in various editions including Home, Personal and Home & Student. The Office 365 Home and Personal offer all available applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. PC users can also use Publisher and Access, with Outlook available to all users. The only difference between Home and Personal is that Home gives multiple users access to the software, while Personal is just for one user.

Unlike past versions of Office, the 365 packages must be paid for monthly or annually. This can run you a bigger bill than before, but you’ll have access to the latest and greatest versions of Office software.

Business users can also benefit from a multitude of services, like Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and more. There’s even an option to subscribe to the services only.

To download these Office versions, simply go to the Microsoft website and purchase a plan. You can then sign in at and click on the box to install each of the available software.

It’s easy to download Office 2010 or 2022. Be sure to have a valid product key, and enter it at the “Software Download” page on Microsoft’s website. Once you verify your product key, an installer dialog will pop up. Click on a download link. If you don’t have a product key, you’ll need to search online for a copy of the software with an unused key.

Downloading Older Versions of Office

Microsoft phases out support for its software after a certain number of years. If you’re looking to download an older, unsupported version of Office, Microsoft will encourage you to update to a newer version. However, if you’re certain you want to keep your old Office, you’ll need to buy a disc online to access the software. Check online marketplaces for used discs for sale. Note that the product keys on used items may not be valid.

Downloading Office Service Packs

You can head to Microsoft’s Download Center to access Office 2007 and 2010 Service Packs. These are updates to the original software. There are other add-ons for the 2007 edition available, like the system driver data connectivity components. This can help you transfer your 2007 Office data with non-Microsoft applications.

Other Sources for Office Software

You can also buy Microsoft software from online marketplaces like Amazon. However, Amazon’s offerings are provided by Microsoft. To keep things simpler, you may be better off buying the software directly from the Microsoft website.