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E-Book Overview

LEARN JAVA GUI APPLICATIONS is a self-study and/or instructor led tutorial teaching the basics of building a Java application with a swing graphic user interface (GUI).

LEARN JAVA GUI APPLICATIONS has 9 lessons covering object-oriented programming concepts, using the NetBeans integrated development environment to create and test Java projects, building and distributing GUI applications, understanding and using the Swing control library, exception handling, sequential file access, graphics, multimedia, advanced topics such as printing, and help system authoring.

The focus of LEARN JAVA GUI APPLICATIONS is to use the existing objects and capabilities of the Java Swing library to build a wide variety of useful desktop applications. Some of the applications built include: Stopwatch, Calendar Display, Loan Repayment Calculator, Flash Card Math Game, Database Input Screen, Statistics Calculator, Tic-Tac-Toe Game, Capital City Quiz, Information Tracker (with plotting), Blackjack, Line, Bar and Pie charts, a version of the first video game ever – Pong, and a Telephone Directory (Project Screen Shots).

LEARN JAVA GUI APPLICATIONS is presented using a combination of over 1,100 pages of course notes and adv lewat 100 practical Java GUI examples and applications. To grasp the concepts presented in LEARN JAVA GUI APPLICATIONS, you should have had some exposure to Java programming concepts. We offer two beginning Java programming tutorials, BEGINNING JAVA and JAVA FOR KIDS that would help you gain this needed exposure.

This course requires Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X or Linux. To complete this tutorial, you will need to download a free copy of the Java Development Kit (JDK8) Pataka Edition (SE). This tutorial uses NetBeans 8 as the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building and eksamen Java applications. The Java source code and all needed multimedia files are available for download from the publisher’s website KidwareSoftware.com after book registration

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