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Last Day on Earth: Survival – A Beginner’s Guide

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Your first few days there in the wastes can be rough, so we have put together a little guide to help fellow survivors orient themselves in this new, treacherous world! But REMEMBER! This game is still in early BETA, so some things may change adv lewat time. Still, this will give you a basic leg-up to get you started.

“…if I’ve lived this long it’s because I’ve always feared the worst and been ready for it.” – Flashman

(Last Day on Earth: Survival) is a zombie survival game along the lines of DayZ or H1Z1 (or 7 Days, Ark, etc.). Your goal is to survive in a hostile environment, building up your base, collecting resources, and fending off invaders both alive and dead.

You will spawn on a plot of land that will serve as your home base. Initially it will have a selection of basic resources – stone, wood, berries, a little iron deposits, and a few zombies/wolves/deer. This area will serve as your safe haven in this world and the resources here will titinada respawn. You may notice that your food/water are already dropping pretty quickly, but do titinada worry about that. Your first goal is to stay alive and collect food to fend off starvation. Later you will have to expand the kawasan so you can place useful buildings such as the campfire, melting furnace, small boxes, etc.

As of Beta v.1.9.4, you start with a partial base, with a Meat Dryer, Cozy Couch, Houseplant, Small Box, Dining Table, CB Radio (not finalized) on 3×3 floors and level 2 walls, Chopper (not finalized) and Gunsmith Bench (not finalized) on 2×4 floors and partial level 3 walls. There would also be a few Jerky in the meat dryer if you interact with it. (Usually 2 or 3)

You will find an old pickup truck that has some scrap/loot inside of it. You can equip the cleaver inside to deal more damage, and wear the thick jacket for protection, but be mindful of the weapon’s and armor’s durability. This can also be used as a storage container. Though it could hardly be protected if another player raids you(but that’s not until level 150).

(Uang lelah)

To kill a Deer, Wild Turkey, or Fox, sneak up behind it with a melee weapon (recommend using a Spear to one-shot it) to do more damage. (Usually tripled)

First, grab some common logs and limestones from the ground to craft a hatchet. If you get accosted by a zombie or wolf, do not panic. You can easily kill anything you come across on this map so just swing away. Scrounge up some berries if you take too much damage – they will be your primary source of healing in the near future.

Old Pickup Truck contains:

  • 3 Scrap Besi
  • 2 Rope
  • Thick Jacket (Partial Durability)
  • Cleaver (Partial Durability)
  • 2 Bottle of Water
Old pickup truck storage.png

Your First Shelter

Screenshot 20220529-184013.png

There’s no place like home” – In-game description.

To build a home, you’ll need some wood. Gather the twigs from the ground, or get common logs by chopping trees with a hatchet. Three common logs and three limestones are needed to craft a hatchet. Since Beta v.1.9.4, there is a partially constructed base with some level three (stone) walls and some level 2 (plank) walls. There should also be two destroyed plank walls that you can clean up to get some of their components. (limestone and Common Planks.)

Warning and Cautions: Level 1 and 2 walls cannot protect your house from the horde. To upgrade the walls, you must first upgrade your floors. Floors will not be destroyed by the horde and some objects can only be placed on upgraded floors.

The shelter should have some doors, otherwise, there is no way of getting in or out unless you break the walls.

In-game characters

ALL PLAYERS YOU SEE IN-GAME ARE COMPUTER CONTROLLED AI! (Not included The Crater) (based on the appearance of the “auto” status next to the health bar) as of Beta v.1.9.4. Either way, they will charge you since you are marked as an enemy – if they’re naked with a Spear, no problem, but if you’re in the middle of a fight or at 10 health and a guy with a Nail Board comes running at you it is time to run away. Take extra care if the enemy is not an AI. These players can do things that AI can titinada, e.g. eating to restore health, and may be very dangerous if they use special tactics (like Kiting or Animation Cancelling). Though, rarely, you can also meet AIs that can heal themselves. Unless you can kill them before they heal, you cannot get the item that they used to heal, no matter the original amount of it or how many the AI itself used.

If you are out scavenging, pay attention to the lagging within the game as it indicate an incoming “player.” If you are low on health at any point and you plan on staying, eat any food you may have; do not wait – you will not have a chance mid-fight if you get caught unaware. It’s almost always good to put some food in your quick access slot, since food heals you instantly, even if you are in a fight with zombies or another “player”.

Screenshot 20220531-152712.png

Hopefully you’ve found some Rope on zombies and picked up some Plant Fiber by now and can make yourself a Basic Backpack, which will make your life significantly easier, since it allows you to take five extra items. If your food/water situation is stable you can make your next trip to Bunker Alfa , if not, keep running green level forests/limestone ridges and build up your base. Make some Garden Bed to grow carrots using seeds (You can get them from harvesting Plant Fibers­, and 1 Seeds can grow into 2 Carrots), and a rain catcher to fill up Empty Bottles back into Bottles of Water.

At Alfa Base, you’ll find a Glock 17 on the corpse of a dead guard out front. You can only get it once, during your first visit to Bunker Alfa. You will need a
CAC Card A
to unlock the door. Inside you’ll find a bunch of lockers filled with loot, including two guns and a set of military clothes. It might take you two trips to claim it all. There’s also a terminal that needs a code, the code can be acquired from the CB Radio, which is available after you reach level 7. However, don’n go on the lower floors of the bunker mencicil you have armor and good weapons, as the zombies there can have up to 500 Health Point (Frenzied Giant).


Try not to use any guns you may get!
They’re tempting, but you truly don’ufuk need them for any Green or Yellow zones, and there is no way to repair them once they are broken. Stick to melee, and keep an eye out for machetes and the like. Torches work wonders in a pinch, however, in dangerous situations, you can use a gun, but do not use it too much! It costs durability.) When you menginjak your game, try not to go into any basements. you can loot the ground floor, but you would most likely die in the basement, since it is very dangerous and multiple powerful or quick-attacking zombies may lunge at you at once, and you will loose all the loot that you brought with you.

Keep salvaging from the Easy Green zones until you’ve siring the basics to craft and set up in your house. Remember, don’kaki langit build out too much! Everything has its limit, and you can ruin your stuff! Limit to 2 Melting Furnaces, but if you craft a third, you cannot get the spent materials back.

Screenshot 20220531-152721.png

Loot everything you can. Most of the electronics junk won’t be useful to you for a long time, and some are extremely common(like wiring), so prioritize what you need as you go. Don’t be afraid to delete some unneeded items to make room for something better, but keep in mind of what you might need later as you level and unlock for tech.

From here on out you can do as you like. If you need weapons/clothes, keep an eye out for AI or Players while you’re scavenging. You ask why? Because they can kill you. They are usually aggressive.


  • The biggest limit of the Energy is 200 point of energy, it replenishes really slow, so try not to blow them out quickly. If you want to grind for resources like wood, grass fiber, stone, or any basic materials, proceed to the closest green level area. Each travel takes roughly 15 minutes, so waiting is titinada difficult.
  • Save around 40-50 energy for events or Dealer so you can quickly travel to the region before the timer expires. You can expend it once you are ready to stop for the day.
  • You can watch a 30 second ad to replenish 15 Energy, this can only be done 5 times a day. The total energy you can replenishes is 75 Energy.
  • You can also replenish Energy by watching an ad from the Healer you find 5 minutes into the game.
  • Only use Energy for limited time events such as the Destroyed convoy, Crashed Plane, etc.

Airdrop, Crashed Plane Special Event

  • Crashed Plane are rare but filled with valuable loot. They include 22-24 bags packed with gear, weapons, and others, including a gun at about 3/4 durability and CAC Cards R. This event usually takes at least two trips to fully loot all the bags. There are no standing enemies, but a roamer/wolf spawns every now and then. Since Crashed Plane spawn at the worse possible times (no energy), it is best to travel light (only bring a weapon) so you can loot more stuff (First Aid Kit, Baseball Bat, Bandages, etc.). Though it is said that you can only visit two different Crashed Plane events. After that, it no longer spawns. That means you might want to make the most out of the Crashed Plane event, and bring the most valuable loot.
  • Airdrops tend to land on a big plot with lots of space to run around and find, but it usually appears at the center of the map. You may encounter Floater Bloaters and Toxic Spitters. Two spitters will always appear, either separately or together (which rarely occurs). It is possible to collect the drops without having to fight anything. The anjlok itself varies and you can get items ranging from not very useful to crates containing valuable weapons, often at 3/4 durability. It may get 10 Iron Bars or a Glock 17(Modified or unmodified) that will help you a lot.


  • You’ll find that materials are difficult to hoard due to a small backpack size, and they deplete really fast if you don’falak farm regularly enough. Farming/grinding for basic materials such as gelondong, stone, fiber, etc. will be essential to progress.
  • If you want to farm for a specific material, common logs for example, don’t go to any location harder than a green level, travel to the closest and safest small grove. You’ll want to bring some specific equipment: 1 full durability weapon, preferably spear, 1 stack of bandages/food for healing and/or hunger in the quick slot (saves backpack space), 1-2 hatchets (or a pickaxe if you are farming for rocks/limestone and iron). However, you might want to go to the Limestone Cliffs(Yellow zone) if you want to get a lot of iron and you have some decent armor and weapons to use, since the Limestone Ridges have little iron ore for you to mine, or in other words, little compared to Limestone Cliffs.
  • Make sure that your backpack is empty of other things, so essentially your inventory will only contain 1-2 full durability tools. Weapons and food will be equipped and in your quick slot. For hatchets or pickaxes, you can just pick up raw materials at the zone itself and use them to craft the required tools.
  • Once you are at the site, collect only the specific material you want; you can pick up berries as you go along but consume them as you fight zombies to keep your health points up and also keep your backpack as empty as possible. The berries can also help to restore hunger and saturation, and can conserve your other sources of food.
  • If farming XP, menginjak by clearing a zone of all zombies and harvesting up all the fiber and berries/animals. Use the berries and meat to heal as you go. Once you’ve cleared all of that, destroy any of it that you don’t want and start on wood/stone. Run to a red zone with no armor or weapons equipped (just in your backpack) to more safely farm zombies there.
  • You can into auto-mode with the button on the bottom left corner. Take full advantage of this by splitting item stacks to occupy your inventory space, and your character will only collect the resources it can pick up.

Other Uang sogok

  • Avoid red zones all together if you don’t have full armor, guns, and a bunch of medical kits or food; The Big One will most likely appear if you use some Firearms without a Silencer. (Beta v.1.8.6)
  • Clear out zombies and auto farm (skill in the bottom-left corner, not ration) until there are no resources left, it’s an easy and relatively more efficient way to level up.
  • Use the loot boxes to store items until you are finished farming. Then, decide what you want and what you don’tepi langit.
  • When auto farming make sure you have equipped your one of your best durable weapons and have full hp, just in case an AI player attacks you (an AI might carry a pistol or other guns, like VSS Vintorez, which is a deadly weapon. In this case, you might want to either run, or use one of your own guns against the player. This way, you might survive. Remember, keep healing!).
  • Try this trick: Hold a
    Melee Weapon
    and sneak from a distance (otherwise, you will be spotted), then attack from behind. This will give bonus damage. Don’kaki langit try
    Firearms, though, as there will titinada be bonus damage. (For most melee weapons, they do about triple the lazim damage if it’s a sneak attack.)
  • When sneak attacking, you will have enough time to switch weapons to do the appropriate damage (don’t use a skull crusher when you have a cleaver on a 40hp zombie). It’s also a smart idea to switch melee weapons after a sneak attack. For example, you can you a Pipe on a Fast Biter. Then, instantly switch to a Crowbar to finish the zombie off. This way, the Fast Biter won’t even have enough time to strike you once. For heavier zombies, like a Floater Bloater, you can try using a Skull Crusher or another slow-attacking high-damage melee weapon for your sneak attack. After you sneak attack, switch to a faster melee weapon against the zombie, like a Crowbar.
  • It is titinada suggested to use a Hammer as a melee weapon when fighting zombies, since it may come in very handy as you progress into the game. So you might want to save them for later. (For example, you must use a Hammer to fix the crossing at Crooked Creek Farm to cross the infected stream.)
  • If you clear out a yellow area, go through the green negeri on your way home to gain the most out of your trip (if you farmed logs, you will normally gather items like animal rawhide, meat, and fabric, but not in a full stack of 20, thus, if you go into the green area you can get about double of those items. You will also get xp and maybe nice loot).
  • Iron and food are valuable, make sure to protect your furnaces and storage with a wall. Water, on the other hand, it relatively more common, since a single bottle of water can restore 50 points of saturation, and food also restores some saturation when eaten.
  • When you eat Canned Food, it would be a good idea to save all the empty cans. Though they seem very useless at the start of the game, they actually have many uses. For example, you need to to finalize your Dog Crate, craft Trip Wire Traps, and most importantly, put them in the Recycler in order to obtain Aluminum Bars.
  • Armor and clothes use a bunch of leather, thick fabric, and iron, but the investment is worth it, since they might help get you out of a deadly situation.
  • When facing a Toxic Spitter it is better to be up close since you can dodge the attacks easier. The spit from the Toxic Spitters makes you stink quickly, making you unable to sneak, so it would be a good idea to try and dodge the attacks.
  • Most effective weapon in terms of cost, durability, and damage seems to be the Crowbar. Terlalu, they are required tools for you to access certain places. (Like a door on the third floor of Bunker Alfa, the first watchtower, and the third watchtower.)
  • Don’t bother about the bottom floors of Bunker Alfa until you are probably level 45, it’s very difficult and there are tons of zombies (you will need the CB Radio to get the pass code).

Resetting Your Character

Make sure to empty all of your items into a box before you reset yourself. You can choose to reset yourself with your items on you and still be able to retrieve it, but it is not recommended.

Resetting your character is an easy way to set your HP, hunger, and thirst all back to 100.

Capturing a Zombie

Look out for zombies spawning outside your base. Once you see a zombie outside your base, all you need to do is go inside your house and go to “Construction mode”. Build a floor and walls around the zombie. Keep a window wall on any side. With Beta v.1.5.8 update, zombies cannot attack through wall but only through window walls.

If your captured zombie escapes as a result of a horde; repeat the steps you took to capture the zombie in the first place.

Spike Trap

Alternatively, once you are level 18 you can make a Spike Trap to reset yourself by constantly running into the spike trap.