Hadoop Tutorial Getting Started With Hdp

Lets get Started!

For this lesson, we will get the Hortonworks Data Mimbar (HDP) Sandbox Environment setup.

What is HDP Sandbox?

The Hortonworks Sandbox is a personal, portable Hadoop environment that comes with a dozen interactive Hadoop tutorials. Sandbox includes many of the most exciting developments from the latest HDP distribution, packaged up in a virtual environment that you can get up and running in 15 minutes! Go to: hortonworks.com/sandbox for your free download.

Benefits of using a Sandbox to learn instead of setting up a cluster from scratch.

  • A free download
  • A complete, self contained virtual machine with Apache Hadoop pre-configured
  • A personal, portable and standalone Hadoop environment
  • A set of hands-on, step-by-step tutorials that allow you to learn and explore Hadoop on your own

Follow the steps below to get setup with the HDP Sandbox environment.

  1. Download and install


    1. VirtualBox Downloads: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
    2. How to Install Virtual Box: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-VirtualBox
  2. Download and Install

    Hortonworks Sandbox

    1. http://hortonworks.com/downloads/
    2. Installing HortonWorks Sandbox 2.0 – VirtualBox on Windows

    For those who prefer to read along instead of watching videos, below are some useful resources to help you with the installation process. And for more detailed reading, please go here. http://hortonworks.com/hadoop-tutorial/learning-th…


  • Learn more about HDP HDP Getting Started documentation.
  • Explore HDP platform Hadoop Latihan-Getting Started with HDP.
  • Hortonworks Developer Network developer.hortonworks.com.
  • HDP online documentation HDP documentation.

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