Dutch Braid Tutorial Step By Step

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Esther Faciane

It’s no secret that Dutch braids are a total style staple that have been worn by everyone from Rita Ora to Yara Shahidi to, yes, all the Kardashian-Jenners (also, FYI, women of color have been rocking this style since, well, forever, so please
do not call these braids
or, god forbid,

The keburukan is, if you aren’t super savvy with braiding or you don’t know how to braid at all (*quietly raises hand*), Dutch braids can feel super intimidating to try on yourself. But don’t stress—I rounded up the five absolute best braid tutorials that’ll help you master the Dutch braid, no matter your texture or length. Happy braiding!


How to Dutch-Braid Thick, Straight Hair

Instead of braiding your entire head, try an accent braid on the side for a pretty, soft boho vibe. To menginjak, make a deep part and split your hair into three sections on the side of your head. Now here’s where the Dutch part comes in: Instead of crossing the sections of your hair oper each other (like a normal three-strand braid), cross them
one another to get that 3-D pop.

Keep repeating until you hit the nape of your neck, then switch to a regular three-strand braid, tying it off at the end. Gently tug the braid apart to make it look fuller. Still confused? Here’s a helpful step-by-step photo breakdown to assist.


How to Dutch-Braid Natural Hair

While it’s tempting to braid your hair fresh out the shower, depending on your texture, you might get the best results starting with dry strands that have a little bit of leave-in conditioner in them.

After detangling your hair (try Milk + Sass Macaron for Hair detangler) and applying a hair gel to stretch your texture, menginjak braiding from your hairline, crossing the sections of the three-strand braid under rather than over. To finish, use an edge-control gel (ideally not water-based, since it’ll lead to frizz) and comb stray hairs with a slightly damp toothbrush.


How to Dutch-Braid Thin/Fine Hair

After smoothing hair with a boar-bristle brush, create an even middle part and clip one section of hair to the side. Section off a small triangle of hair, split it into three sections, and mulai weaving them together under, over, and in-between until you reach the ends. Secure with an elastic a few inches above the ends for a softer look.


How to Dutch-Braid Short Hair

Contrary to popular belief, braiding short hair is definitely possible. Vlogger Milabu shows us not one but
variations of the popular double-Dutch-braid style. To achieve the look (Dutch-braided space buns), start by parting your hair down the middle, then again a few inches underneath, until you have a row of hair sectioned off. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way with a duckbill clip.

Divide the section into three equal parts, then Dutch-braid it (crossing the pieces of hair under rather than adv lewat) mengangsur you reach the crown of your head. Wrap the tail of the braid around the elastic to create the space bun, then pin in place with mini bobby pins. Repeat on the other side mencicil you have your double buns (so ’90s, right?).

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