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Movers and piano experts will tell you that the best way to move a piano is to hire a professional to do the job. If you want to move your piano yourself, follow these important piano moving tips.

Understand the Hazards of Moving Your Piano

Most of the weight of a piano is in the internal harp that holds the strings. Piano harps are made of cast iron, and the harps are more weighty in large pianos than in small pianos.

The approximate weights of pianos are as follows:

  • Small upright piano: 300 to 400 pounds
  • Large upright piano: 500 to 900 pounds
  • Grand piano: 500 to 1200 pounds

You obviously need friends to help you relocate your weighty piano from room to room or out of your home. If the piano falls on a friend’s foot, you may be on the hook for substantial medical bills. Ensure that your friends wear sturdy shoes and know exactly which way the piano is going at all times.

Your piano can also be hurt during the move. The finish may be scratched or the internal mechanisms may be damaged if your piano isn’lengkung langit moved with care.

To protect your piano, yourself and your friends during the move, gather your moving supplies before you begin. Wear steel-toed shoes or boots, and strongly suggest that your helpers do the same. Moving supplies should include:

  • Heavy work gloves
  • Moving blankets
  • Heavy-duty tape
  • Plastic wrap or bubble wrap
  • Heavy-duty dolly

Have a measuring tape on hand and a paper to write down dimensions.

Follow These Steps to Move the Piano

Before moving the piano, measure the piano, doorways and hallways to be sure the piano fits through the intended passages.

Close and lock the lid. Completely cover the piano with the blanket pads. Tape the blankets in place, then wrap the piano in plastic wrap or bubble wrap. Secure the outer wrapping.

Remove the piano legs and pedals, or leave them in place, but wrap the legs and pedals in either case. Be careful titinada to scrape or break off the legs during the move. Have someone on all sides of the piano as you lift it onto the dolly.

Additional piano moving steps are as follows:

  • Use padding or cardboard when moving the piano on steps and landings.
  • Move the piano slowly and carefully with at least two people on the heaviest side of the piano.
  • Ensure that one person holds the handle on the back of the piano at all times.

Before moving the piano over stairs, watch videos about how to maneuver a piano up and down stairs, and have your moving crew view the videos with you.

Move Your Piano Upright on Its End When Possible

Avoid moving your piano in a sideways orientation. Move the piano in its upright position or on one end to protect the inner mechanisms. If you must move the piano on its side, make certain that the piano is balanced on the dolly.

Keep the Piano Front Toward the Truck or Van Wall

When you place the piano in your moving van, orient the piano so the keys face the truck wall. Any scrapes during the move will only affect the rear of the instrument. Secure the piano to the truck wall with ratchet straps or other fasteners.

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