Cara Mendapatkan Shapeshifting Stone Di Summoners War

Summoners War Shapeshifting Stones

Summoners War has a massive variety of monsters, which we can summon, rune, and fight with. However, some of them also have Transmogrifications, which give them an entirely new look. These exclusive skins can only be obtained by collecting 100 Shapeshifting Stones and spending them in the Transmogrification Building.

At the moment, we can Transmog over 84 different monsters, across all star tiers. Transmogifying a monster will cost 100 Shapeshifting Stones, and 300,000 Mana. The easiest way to get new skins for your monsters is to buy special packages, which appear every time when new Transmog skins get released. Luckily there are some other ways to collect Shapeshifting Stones:

  • First of all, Shapeshifting Stones can be obtained in Rift Battles, and Rift Beasts as random drops. However, the drop rate of this item is quite low, so it takes a long time to collect 100 Stones.
  • Playing in the World Arena gives you the option to unlock limited skins, which can only be obtained in a specific season. It is also possible to buy Shapeshifting Stones with Medals that are earned by winning in the World Arena.
  • When a special season is active, it is possible to earn Glory Tokens, which can be used to buy packages of 5x Shapeshifting Stones, up to 4 times in total.
  • Shapeshifting Stones can be obtained in the Cairos Dungeon by clearing Giant’s Keep B12, Necropolis B12, and Dragons Lair B12. However, they can not be obtained from Attribute Dungeons

What is the fastest way to get Shapeshifting Stones?

Buy Shapeshifting Stones for Medals in the World Arena Shop

Being active in the World Kancah is probably the fastest way to get 100 Shapeshifting Stones in Summoners War. However, it will still take quite some time to acquire 100 Stones, as you have to buy 20 Shapeshifting Stone packages, which will cost you 1.200 Medals.

Another way to get your hands on these Stones is to farm Raid R5 actively, as they have a decent chance to drop in there. Bersisa, you can get Grindestones, and Enchanted Gems to upgrade your runes (Guide). If you want to learn more about Summoners War, click here.

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