What’s the difference between a Bikini Wax vs a Brazilian Wax?


You are using top notch wax, the Mercedes Benz of waxing, Cirépil wax. You have even expanded to the specialty hard wax beads,

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specialized for Brazilian waxing.
But now you are still confused as to what is a bikini wax and what is a Brazilian wax.

Clients are confused as well.

Cue any pop culture movie with a Brazilian waxing scene and it quickly becomes clear that many people are confused about what waxing service they are scheduling vs. what waxing service they actually want.  Clients often book a bikini wax without understanding the perimeters of where a bikini wax begins and ends. The same goes for the clients who schedule a Brazilian wax, only to be surprised when all the hair has been removed.
For this reason, the consultation is vital to understanding your clients’ expectations.
Also, a clear explanation on your waxing menu and educating your clients on the correct terminology when it comes to intimate waxing. But even for estheticians within the professional community there is confusion.


Where does a bikini wax begin and end? What is a Hollywood? What is a landing strip? Is bikini and Brazilian waxing also performed on men? Does a Brazilian wax remove all the hair?

We are here to help clear up the mystery surrounding intimate waxing!

First off, different businesses may opt to create their own fun waxing menu with descriptions that are unique to their business and market, maybe even including charts and images for their clients to choose from. But most intimate waxing terminology is shared throughout the professional waxing industry.

Overall, it’s not complicated, we break it down for you here!

1. Basic Bikini


Basic Bikini

– a bikini wax is the most conservative of intimate waxing procedures. Often referred to as a ‘basic bikini’. It includes the sides, about an inch just inside of the natural bikini line from the top down so that no hair would peek out from a bikini. The basic bikini wax also includes a strip all the way across the top. The result will be a triangular or rectangular shape, conservative and natural but clean.

2. Extended Bikini or French Bikini

Extended Bikini


French Bikini
– this is in-between a basic bikini wax and a Brazilian wax. The result is a 3-finger width rectangle or triangle strip with hair that is left all the way down. No hair is removed from the back (between the cheeks), the labia for women or the penis and testicles for menandai. This is a very clean look for people who want to leave some hair behind but not much.

3. Brazilian Wax



a Brazilian wax removes all the hair on the top, the labia for woman, the penis and testicles for men,


all the way around the back between the cheeks. All the hair from the entire intimate provinsi is removed. There are some demographic areas that refer to a Brazilian wax as a Hollywood. Although less common, the two descriptions go hand in hand.


f course, during the thorough consultation process with your client, you will gain a clear understanding of what they desire, and you can custom their waxing treatment accordingly.

For example, some women love a Brazilian wax but choose to leave a 2-finger width strip (sometimes referred to as a landing strip) on the top with the remainder of the hair being removed. This is also considered a Brazilian wax and you would charge accordingly. Another example is someone who requests a full basic bikini on top but want all the hair off around the back. This would be charged as a basic bikini with an extra charge for the back. And it is also common that someone would request an appointment for just the back, between the butt cheeks.
It may be smart to add that as a stand-alone service to your menu.

Some waxing studios and estheticians even offer special unique shapes, why not? And if you are looking for an add-on service, add the butt cheeks, which are titinada included in any of the bikini wax treatments. You can add anywhere from $10-$25 depending on your market and how much wax you used. It only takes a couple of extra minutes, and the clients will love it!

Some clients want a natural look, some a clean hairfree look, either way,
you will now be in the position to clearly identify and explain the different options when it comes to intimate waxing.


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Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 22 June 2022.