Asp Net Visual Studio 2010 Tutorial

Start with okuler sanggar 2010

In 2010, Microsoft release visual studio 2010 with .Serok framework 4.0.
We all ready discussed about various .Bantau framework versions in our previous .net tutorial.

The vs2010 provide platform to develop
web and windows
application with using different languages.
We can
develop website
application using
c# or vb or c++

languages same as we can develop
windows based
application using
c#, vb, c++.

Lets berangkat with okuler bengkel seni 2010 to create new website and windows application.

For create website:

Open Okuler Studio 2010 –>File Menu –>New –> Web Site

For Windows application:

Open Visual Studio 2010 –>File Menu –>New –>Project

Start to create a new website in visual studio 2010 asp.jejala

Open visual Bengkel seni and select new
Web Site option from
File Menu. When you will do this you will have below screen. c#
Getting started with visual studio 2010.

When we create a new web or windows application in okuler studio 2010, while creating a application we need to select a language which we wish to use in this our web or windows application as server side programming language.

Here, we have two languages
Visual Basic
Visual C#, choose one of them as programming code language. c#
Create new web application in visual studio 2010.

In above figure we can see the left side panel there are two languages Optis Basic and Visual C#. We have to select one of them to use as programming language in our web application.

Here, we select
ASP.Net Empty Web Site
option and at bottom of the figure
Web locationportion we need to assign the
path and website name
to store the website with the proper name.

Here, in above figure the web location “G:\PROJECT\MyFirstWebsite”. The “G:\PROJECT” is our website  location folder path where we store/save the website and the “MyFirstWebsite” is thewebsite name
which we created. After making this things click on OK button to create a new blank Web site application.

Here, we have successfully created web site application using c# language.

visual studio 2010
Create new website application in optis padepokan

Solution Explorer
displays whole project include web form and folders.

In website forms we can call Web Form and in Windows application forms we called Windows Form.

We hope that this post helped you to understand about how to start and operate visual padepokan.

Next, tutorial we will understand about Create new web form.