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What Are the Characteristics of a Good Dance School for Beginners?

A good dance school should have a danced-focused environment, a good dance instructor with necessary qualifications and a small number of students in each class.
Additionally, a good dance school should aim to help the learner progress in dancing, should posses a well-maintained dance floor fitted with cushions to protect learners from injury during dancing, and should have realistic goals for the learners depending on their dance stage.

A danced-focused learning environment facilitates success and includes a friendly dancing studio that is well-equipped, friendly school staff, and clean surroundings that are properly maintained and secured. Dancing halls with enough space, wall mirrors and proper ventilation also provide a conducive learning environment for dancers. Additionally, a good environment should feature a suitable space for changing clothes and other amenities such as water and adequate rooms for resting.

A qualified dance teacher teaches students good dance habits and proper dance techniques. The teacher should possess a degree in dance from a certified institution and good dance experience from a professional dance company. He should have undergone certification, which allows him to teach dance. A small class size enables the instructor to observe and instruct each individual learner closely, ensuring each learner receives targeted instruction focused on her needs.